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Presentation at ITA 2019: "On the Maximum Information Flow in 1-2-1 Networks"

Received the NSF CRII (CISE Research Initiation Initiative) Award for the project on "Distributed Computing with Privacy and Security Considerations".

Presentation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): "Information Flow and Security Aspects in 1-2-1 Networks"

Sarthak and Mishfad joined my research group as Ph.D. students. Welcome!

Our paper "Simplifying Wireless Social Caching via Network Coding" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Communications

New papers at ISIT 2018:

  • Y. H. Ezzeldin, M. Cardone, C. Fragouli and G. Caire, “Gaussian 1-2-1 Networks: Capacity Results for mmWave Communications”
  • M. Karmoose, L. Song, M. Cardone and C. Fragouli, “Privacy in Index Coding: Improved Bounds and Coding Schemes”
  • G. K. Agarwal, Y. H. Ezzeldin, M. Cardone and C. Fragouli, “Secure Communication over 1-2-1 Networks”

Presentation at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC): "Complexity and Optimality for 5G Wireless Relay Networks”

Presentation at ITA 2018: "Privacy while broadcasting in index coding"

Presentation on "Reconciling Optimality and Complexity over Wireless Relay Networks" at the Technische Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Gemany

New paper to appear at ICITS 2017:

  • G. K. Agarwal, M. Cardone, C. Fragouli, "Secure Network Coding for Multiple Unicast: On the Case of Single Source"